Specialty gases equipment

Cylinder Regulators

Cylinder regulators are directly connected to a compressed gas cylinder to reduce inlet gas pressure to a more manageable working pressure.
Cylinder regulators are used when central gas systems are not applicable.
For specialty gases, Linde offers two series of cylinder regulators:
- BASELINE® cylinder regulators for specialty gases with purities up to 5.0
- REDLINE® cylinder regulators for higher purity specialty gases.

Gas Distribution Systems

The quality of your gas supply is no better than your gas distribution system.
Specialty gases place particular demands on gas distribution components due to individual purity, toxicity and corrosive properties. HiQ® specialty equipment offers a variety of gas supply panels and point of use equipment to maintain system integrity and purity at all times.
Choice of materials
The choice of materials for gas supply systems is determined by the gas to be distributed and the level of contamination that can be accepted in the gas. The inner surface finish of components is therefore of great importance to the final purity of the gas at the point of use. A better surface finish will also make the pipe system easier to clean and reduces the risk of particles being released into the gas stream.
In recent years stainless steel has become the number one choice of material for pure gas applications, because it is resistant to corrosion, as well as being consistent with the high standards of cleanliness & appearance in modern laboratories.
Design and Engineering
A quality supply system requires experience and expertise to design and install. Linde can design and installs these systems in accordance with your requirements. Using qualified partners in many areas of the globe, we ensure your gas distribution system meets demand requirements, as well as any local or regional safety requirements.

Gas Supply Panels

REDLINE ® gas supply panels are used in central gas supply systems to reduce the high primary pressure in the cylinders to more manageable secondary pressure.
Considered the heart of a central gas supply system, they work with Point of use equipment to provide stable gas pressure at each work station.

REDLINE ® offers three types of gas supply panels:

Single panels handle one cylinder or bundle at a time. When the cylinder/bundle is empty it has to be changed.

Double panels handle two cylinders or bundles (or a combination) at a time. When the cylinder or bundle is empty, switch-over has to be done manually.

Semi-automatic panels handle two cylinders/bundles at a time.When the pressure at one side (the primary side) reaches a pre-set value the manifold “switches” to the other side. This means that it is possible to change the gas cylinders without interrupting the gas flow. After the cylinders at the primary side are changed the handle is turned, thus changing the secondary side (delivering the gas) to the new primary side.

It is possible to create a fully automatic manifold, with either electric or pneumatic valves, but since the cylinders have to be changed anyway the cost is rarely justified.

Point of Use

The point of use is the second stage of a central gas supply system.
Together with the gas panel it guarantees a very stable outlet pressure and handles any pressure changes that may be caused in the system. When used together with a semi-automatic gas manifold it handles the pressure changes that are due to the changes from secondary to primary side.
The REDLINE® Point of use system is a modular and allows maximum freedom. Developed for wall, bench, or panel mounting, each point of use can be individually equipped with or stripped of the functions "shut-off", "pressure regulation" and "flow regulation". In this way, the point of use at the work place can be updated at any point to fit the present needs. REDLINE® points of use are delivered with 6 or 12 mm tube fitting inlet connection and 6 mm tube fitting outlet connection.

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