Major Accidents Control

Linde Gaz Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its head office in Krakow is an entity operating plants characterised by an increased risk of major industrial accident.

The plants are located in:

The above-listed plants are subject to the provisions relating to industrial accident prevention, and Linde Gaz Polska sp. z o.o. has notified competent authorities accordingly, submitting relevant accident prevention programs.

The plants identified as filling plants are engaged in portable (transport) gas container filling operations involving air gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide) and their mixtures. These gases comprise groups of technical gases, food gases, medical gases and pharmaceutical products. In addition to air gases, specialty gases in cylinders are stored at the premises of filling plants.

The plants identified as acetylene plants are engaged in the production of acetylene from calcium carbide, as well as portable (transport) gas container filling.

The plants identified as air separation unions produce liquefied (cryogenic) air gases: oxygen, nitrogen and argon, using the method of air liquefaction and separation into individual gases.

Specifications of chemical substances and mixtures stored at the plants are contained in their Safety Data Sheets.

In the event of accident, competent unit of the State Fire Service is notified, along with the Provincial Inspector for Environmental Protection. The plants have agreed on methods of public warning and response in the event of industrial accident, where required to do so by competent units of the State Fire Service.

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