Specialty gases

We offer wide range of high purity gases, gas mixtures and specialty gas equipment to suit a wide range of applications and market sectors including research, analysis, calibration, process control and manufacturing. Our specialty gases can be customized to match your individual requirements.

Pure Gases

We offer a wide range of pure gases including carrier, purge and detector gases to suit your application. All pure gases are classified by grade, so you can be certain that the purity level suits your individual requirement. Our HiQ high purity gases are suitable for any application where impurity control is important, for example: chromatography, process controls, pharmaceutical applications or gas detection.

Our pure gases portfolio

Specialty gases

Specialty gas mixtures

The knowledge and experience Linde has with an extensive range of applications, gives us a clear picture of the most widely requested and relevant gas mixtures for each application.
This helps us effectively speed up your selection procedures. As many of our gas mixtures are for measurement and analysis instruments, our standard products are designed to be suitable for these applications. Examples are: direct read analyzers, gas chromatographs, HPLC and threshold monitors. Calibration gases are a subgroup of gas mixtures. They must meet particular requirements in terms of production tolerances, analysis accuracy and end product purity. They are used first of all for calibration of measurement equipment and play an important role in experimental research and technologies involving the use of gas mixtures of accurately determined composition.

SPECIFY – Specialty Gases Mixture Configurator

Customizing specialty gas mixtures quicker and easier than ever

Discover SPECIFY – our new self-service solution that will allow you to assemble mixtures from hundreds of chemical compounds. It is quick and easy-to-use and will give you immediate feedback on product availability, similar mixtures and recommendations.
Follow a few easy steps to make your online enquiry: 

  1. Visit linde-specify.com
  2. Set the amount of components you want to mix – up to 30
  3. Select the chemical components
  4. Mix them with balanced gas
  5. Select certification
  6. Choose packaging
  7. Wait for the confirmation – the platform will notify you whether the bland can be produced. In parallel, our team will perform a final feasibility test and quickly contact you with an offer. our team will contact you as soon as possible.
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Specialty equipment

One of the most critical aspects of using specialty gases for analytical and high-tech applications is preserving gas parameters (composition and purity) from the source to the point of use.
The quality of your gas supply is often no better than your gas distribution system. Specialty gas equipment must meet particular requirements, not only in terms of gas purity and composition accuracy, but frequently also in terms of physical properties (corrosivity, toxicity).
We offer proper specialty gas equipment: cylinder regulators, gas panels, points of use, gas installations for laboratories.

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