Food Grade Gases

We offer a range of pure gases and gas mixtures specially developed for the food and beverage industry

Gases for the food industry are used as food additives, their quality must comply with accepted standards. Linde gases meet these requirements.

For food industry we supply:
- BIOGON ©C – food grade carbon dioxide
- BIOGON ©N – food grade nitrogen
- BIOGON ©H – food grade hydrogen
- Food grade oxygen
- A wide range of two or three-component mixtures, BIOGON © and MAPAX ©,  for modified atmosphere packaging.

We supply food grade gases in cylinders or cylinder budles, under high pressure as well as liquids in insulated tanks for subsequent mixing at the packaging machine.
The choice of gas mixture should take into account both product properties and aspects of technological treatment as well as optimization of gas supply. It is best to consult the decision with food packaging specialists in Linde, who provide their expertise. We will work with you to assess your process and site requirements to develop the right gas mixture for the food packed.

We are also able to supply gases to you for chilling and freezing in liquid form including liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) and carbon dioxide in a solid state as snow (dry ice).

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