Gases in Cylinders 

We offer full range of gases in standard steel cylinders and innovative cylinder packages 

Industrial Gases

Wide offer of our gases in cylinders and bundles are available online in our Webshop:

Argon cylinders and bundles
Acetylene cylinders and bundles
Sintetic and compressed air
CO2 Cylinders and bundles
Hydrogen cylinders and bundles
Helium and Balloon Gas
Nitrogen cylinders and bundles 
Oxygen cylinders and bundles
Welding gas mixtures
Food gas Mixtures
Refrigerant gases

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Specialty Gases

Linde’s specialty gases offer represents the best and most appropriate there is in the world of high purity gases, accurate gas mixtures, precision engineered gas supply systems and the high quality services needed for optimum results.
We offer solutions for the most demanding customers and a quality that is always adequate to the use in a wide range of applications and market sectors including research, analysis, calibration, process control and manufacturing..
Precision matters in everything we do.

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Medical gases

For all information regarding medical gas supply, hospital equipment and network maintanence, as well as information about our Homecare offer, plese visit our Healthcare website.

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Cylinder innovation 

Aside from standard 150, 200 and 300 bar steel cylinders, we offer a range of innovative 300 bar packages to suit all your needs.
At Linde, we are continuously developing our cylinder packages to meet varying market requirements. Higher pressures, digital displays and newly designed guards and valves provide more gas, cylinder intelligence and easier portability, whilst not affecting safety.

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